Governor Polis Talks to Kids Like it Matters

Governor Polis Talks to Kids Like it Matters

Governor Polis Talks  to Kids Like it Matters

Hanley Decker, OAE Media Team




Do you think that schools should have all day kindergarten? Governor Polis does! He’s been going around to schools in Colorado and observing; and he came to our school.

During Governor Polis' trip I, Hanley Decker, and the rest of the news team were following the Governor around.  How amazing!


But not only that, when we asked him some questions, I noticed that he spoke to us like adults, like we mattered. I really appreciated that, and I am sure that the rest of my colleagues did too. We, for one, got the straight answers, (not the simplified answers), and it made me feel really good that somebody as big, and important as Governor Polis was talking to me like I mattered.


If Governor Polis hadn’t talked to me like I mattered, it still would’ve been a great experience, but I couldn’t have written the information. I have definitely met people who talk to me like a child, and I do not like it at all. That’s why when I met Governor Polis, I was happy to see that he knew how to treat kids well.

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