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Math Curriculum (Investigations)

Websites for Family Math Night

You can access the websites shared during the online math games session that was offered at Family Math Night.  This link will take you to TrackStar, a website used to organize Internet links.  Once you navigate to this page, you will see a box titled, "Find a Track."  Enter track number 343155 in this box.

Math "How-to's"

As teachers, we know that many of the math strategies your children are learning are very different from the way we were taught.  The following video clips will show you some of the most common addition and subtraction strategies your children are learning.

Adding Using Expanded Notation Adding a String of Numbers Adding by Making the Problem Easier Adding- Thinking about Quanity Addition- Last but not least, "stacking"
Looking for an Unknown Amount Subrtaction Using a Number Line Using a Number Line with Money Two Step Story Problem  
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