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How much time will the test take?

How are schools, districts and educators held accountable for the test results? What are the consequences of excusing a student from participating?

Look no further!  The answers to these and many more questions

are found on this link:



Girls On The Run

Hanley Decker, OAE Media Team


Girls On The Run is for girls who don’t want to be put in the “girl box.” We have a special lesson about how to be our best selves inside and out. After that we run the track, set goals and give “energy awards” -when we tell one of our runners, you did well today because…… , the girls go to the middle and we do a chant. We then fill out identity cards where we write what we’ve learned that day. At the end we yell, "Girls On The Run is so much fun."


Recycling Update

Mallory Brownell, OAE Media Team


Have you thought about how important recycling is to our school and communities? The Orchard Avenue Leadership Team has been working on recycling Powerpoints to show to other classes to demonstrate the importance of recycling in our school. We believe that Orchard Avenue should make recycling a priority. We will show the Powerpoint to grades 3-5th and feel this will help us become an eco-friendly school. Check back after spring break for more information and helpful links to recycling information.






Governor Polis visited Orchard Avenue Elementary on Friday, February 1st.  Two of our students were able to take him on a tour of the school and he spent time reading to our kindergarten students.  It was an enjoyable time for all of us and allowed him to see the amazing things happening at our school.




Click Here to See the Governor Reading to Kindergarten Students




Governor Polis Talks  to Kids Like it Matters

Hanley Decker, OAE Media Team



Do you think that schools should have all day kindergarten? Governor Polis does! He’s been going around to schools in Colorado and observing; and he came to our school.

During Governor Polis' trip I, Hanley Decker, and the rest of the news team were following the Governor around.  How amazing!


But not only that, when we asked him some questions, I noticed that he spoke to us like adults, like we mattered. I really appreciated that, and I am sure that the rest of my colleagues did too. We, for one, got the straight answers, (not the simplified answers), and it made me feel really good that somebody as big, and important as Governor Polis was talking to me like I mattered.


If Governor Polis hadn’t talked to me like I mattered, it still would’ve been a great experience, but I couldn’t have written the information. I have definitely met people who talk to me like a child, and I do not like it at all. That’s why when I met Governor Polis, I was happy to see that he knew how to treat kids well.




Valley Staff and Student Connect
Pep Talks
What is SEL
What is SEL
School Menus
School Menus





Orchard Ave. staff, students and community leaders gathered on November 9th for a ribbon cutting ceremony to celebrate completion

of the GOCO grant.






All students are thinking about how to ensure equal access of our shared spaces to all stakeholders in our school and local community.  Fifth grade students developed solutions to ensure our outdoor spaces have equitable access. Third and fourth grade students are redesigning our shared library and computer lab space given the changes in how we use technology across our school. First and second grade students worked on the best use of outdoor spaces specifically in the garden area and established rules for

students to follow to maintain our

beautiful garden.


Be sure to ask your child about their team’s solution.




It is extremely important for the school to have current, up to date information on your child in case you need to be reached in an emergency.  Contact the office if you need to change any phone numbers or contact information.  Also, make sure your phone is set up to receive messages and that your mailbox is not full.  Thank you!


Sign up for Emergency Alerts on the SD51 website, parents tab, Emergency.


Be sure to check Lost & Found

for missing items from home.

  The L&F bin is purged during the Thanksgiving Break, Winter Break, Spring Break, and the end of the year.



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